At AEQ Carpentry, we understand the decision of renovating, remodeling or just fixing up your home can seem like an enormous undertaking. We want to help you along this journey. Below you will find questions and answers related to the things our customers are always curious about. Before you start a project, take a look at our tips, tricks, and advice so that you can better prepare for a flawless transition in beautifying your castle.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Tips, Tricks & Advice"


Q. How much will my project cost?


A. Costs are determined by the quality of materials, the scope of work involved, and the accessibility to the work site.



Q. What is "cost per square foot"?


A. Cost per square foot is determined by adding the cost of materials plus the cost of the labor, along with the cost of the contractors overhead and profit, then dividing it by the area of the work being completed.



Q. Do I supply the fixtures?


A. Usually the customer will pick out the faucets, vanity light and other specialty lighting. AEQ Carpentry can direct you to vendors that provide the items you want.



Q. Who provides the plans/drawings?


A. AEQ Carpentry will supply residential construction documents. Commercial projects may require licensed architects or engineers to approve the drawings.



Q. How do you prevent dust from getting into the rest of the house?


A. Preventive measures like shutting down the air systems, placing plastic barriers and the use of air scrubbing fans are used to contain all dust and debris with the project area.



Q. Do you have your own employees or do you sub-contract?


A. At AEQ Carpentry, we employee several carpenters who complete each job. We sub-contract trades that we are not licensed in.



Q. Do you conduct background checks and drug-screening on your employees?


A. All employees at AEQ Carpentry must got through a background check and drug screening as part of our safety program. All sub-contractors are screened as well before starting a project.



Q. What are your payment policies?


A. Most projects require a deposit by check or certified funds of 30-50%, larger projects will require progress payments. Some banks will administer the payments on larger projects.



Q. Do you use specific brands?


A. We use the product that best fits the customers wants and  budget. Click here to read about some of our favorite brands.



Do you use sustainable products?


A. Sustainable products are available, and sometimes at a premium investment. Decisions to use sustainable products are made in accordance to what the customer wants. We  recycle old material as well construction waste whenever possible.



Q. When can you start?


A. Most jobs start within two weeks of scheduling. Larger projects require more planning and are usually scheduled 6-8 weeks from contract signing.





Q. How long do roofing shingles last?


A. Many manufacturers now provide shingles that last 30 years or more.



Do I need a handrail on my deck?


A. Usually any deck over 30” above the ground will require a perimeter rail and handrails on the stairs.



Q. Where do I go to find cabinets/vanity?


A. You can start looking at door and cabinet styles on-line. most contractors have multiple vendors that provide these items. Once you pick a style then you can find the product that best matches your budget.



Q. Do I need to obtain a permit?


 A. In most cities, permits are required for decks and other structural construction work. At the start of a job, we will help you obtain the proper permits for your project.



Q. What type of counter top is best?


A. Depending on the application, budget and preference, a wide variety of counter tops are available. Some people prefer solid surface types like granite. However, high end, laminate tops are also available is many different styles and colors.



Q. What is involved in removing a wall?


A. Non load bearing walls can be removed with some basic wiring relocated. Structural (load bearing) walls or walls with many mechanical systems moving through them require more planning. Structural walls will usually be removed after temporary walls are installed to carry the loads while the old wall line is transferred to a beam of some type. Then the temporary walls are removed and the cosmetic work is completed.



Q. Should I use a glass shower door in the bathroom?


A. Glass walls and doors last the longest. They come at a premium cost and require cleaning and maintenance.



Q. Do you use stainless steel fasteners in the deck?


A. Most manufacturers require stainless fasteners for the decking components, the pressure treated framing requires some type of galvanized fastener.





Q. How long will my project take?


A. Generally a bathroom can take three to four weeks to completely renovate the entire bathroom. Kitchens can take four or more weeks depending on the size and the scope of the work being performed.



Q. How long do I have to wait for a custom item for my project?


A. Kitchen cabinets along with some lower cost products are regularly in stock and available within 24 hours. Other higher quality products can take 4+ weeks to produce. Always order these time items before you start to avoid project delays.



Q. How long do roofing projects take?


A. At AEQ Carpentry, smaller roofing jobs can be completed in one day. Larger, more complex roofs may take 3-5 days.


Q. What are the steps to be taken to complete my project?


A. Our general process and timeline for projects is as follows: 1. Site visit 2. Budget meeting 3. Job proposal 4. Contract signing and scheduling 5. Execution 6.Customer walk-through 7. Final touch-ups 8. Project turnover to customer.







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Frequently Asked Questions

"Tips, Tricks & Advice"